Doreen Virtue??

Doreen Virtue??
What’s your opinion about Doreen
Virtue> Angeltherapy??

Do you agree that she makes such a holy preaching about angels and therapies and she always asks and takes so much money for conferences and visiting countries.


If that is ok and right please close my mouth of shouting that to be a real teacher you cant ask thousands of money to have students and teach society about angels and God…..

whats your opinion?

Suggestion by Heavenly T
just the formulation of your question reveals that the very concept is null and void from the very beginning.

So knock it off. You cannot get anywhere with this logic.

Suggestion by hanumaster
my opinion about doreen virtue is very negative because she is a fraud. i agree, she takes money just for her gain at the expense of those least able to give it

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doreen virtue
doreen virtue

Gain confidence, courage, and motivation to move forward with your dreams and Divine life purpose, as Doreen Virtue discusses in this inspiring video.

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